Brick Cleaning & Sealing
Seal-It-Rite has the knowledge and the most advanced Techniseal products to restore your brick pavers to "like new" condition. First, the pavers are treated for stains. Then we clean them with a efflorescence cleaner to remove any ground in dirt and the chalky white salt deposits that may be present. The process will also remove all the moss and weeds that are in the joints.


Once your brick pavers have been cleaned and caution taped off, we would return the following day to sweep sand into any paver joints that have experienced substantial sand loss. After we blow the excess sand off the surface, we will seal your brick pavers with Techniseal's Thermoplastic acrylic sealant to preserve and enhance the beauty of your pavers.

Brick Stripping, Cleaning & Re-sealing

Here are a few examples of what can happen when Unqualified Contractors and residents clean & seal their brick pavers on their own. Notice that the sealant has completely whited out and became blotchy. This happens with improper cleaning do to the lack of proper equipment used as well as the lack of knowlledge and use of the chemicals being applied. These situations can be very expensive to correct. However, we can correct them to look great again.


Here are the steps required to resolve these situations:

First we apply Techniseals Eco-Stripper that has to dry for 24 hours which pulls up the old failing sealers. Then we return another day to power wash off this eco friendly stripper and old sealers. We return a final day to re-sand and seal your pavers with Techniseals thermoplastic acrylic sealers that will make it look like new again.

Here are the final results:


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